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I’m Going to Take a Break

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. I just got back from Spring Break, and I didn’t write a single word. And let me tell you… it was simply freeing. I know I promised a few posts, but I think that I’ll hold off on writing and posting those for a bit. I just want to say… Continue reading I’m Going to Take a Break

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I Apologize

Hello! I’m so sorry that I missed Thursday Thoughts yesterday! I started school yesterday and my brother left for college, so I haven’t had much time to prepare anything. I have a few unfinished posts that I hope to post soon, but for now I might take a quick break after all of these days… Continue reading I Apologize

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7 Day Prayer Challenge

Hello, everyone! Today I want to share a post with you that is NOT mine… it’s from Girl Defined. If you don’t know Girl Defined ministries, please check them out! They are amazing, so inspiring, and really encourage you to follow God’s path for you. They recently wrote a book, which I reviewed a little… Continue reading 7 Day Prayer Challenge

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Spreading My Mission Even Further

Hi, everyone! I am so excited! I have some big news to share (what’s up with all the news this month, Laura?)! For a few months now I have been praying and searching for the right time and place for this to happen, and I think that I have found it. This is a big,… Continue reading Spreading My Mission Even Further

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You’re Invited!

Hey, guys! On Thursday I am going to start something new on the blog- “Thursday Thoughts”. Lately I have been reading a ton of inspiring and thought-provoking quotes and poems and I want to share them with you.  Each Thursay I will post a quote and I will respond to it. I feel that this… Continue reading You’re Invited!

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God NEVER Fades ~ Again!

Well, everyone! It’s officially been one whole year since I started, “God Never Fades”! YAY!!!   I’d like to direct you to my first post: Click Here! I am so so thankful for everyone who has read and continues to read my posts. You are the reason God wants me to blog. You are the people… Continue reading God NEVER Fades ~ Again!

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Hello, all! I am so sorry that I have not posted lately… school has gotten very busy. On the bright side, this is the last week of school! 🙂 I am so excited for Summer… I should have more time by the end of the week to write a new post. Until then, I pray… Continue reading Apologies…