Hello, there! I’m Laura Rose!

It is so nice to meet you! I am so glad that you stopped by! ☺

I'm on a mission... an online mission to spread the message that God NEVER Fades.

In the life I have lived so far, I can tell you that nothing is as fulfilling and promising as a life with God.

This life though… it takes some time. I am growing in Christ everyday. It is a slow process, but nonetheless it is very fulfilling and worthwhile, because, like I said before, God NEVER Fades. The inspiration for my blog comes from one of my favorite Bible verses, Isaiah 40:8;

“The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.”  Isaiah 40:8

This here blog is all about my journey with Christ. I hope that you might glean some inspiration from it, because, hey. I make mistakes, learn from them, and grow. My relationship with God is all about growth, one that I pray will never wither away.

Now that you know a bit about this blog’s purpose let me tell you about myself:

I was born 17 years ago in a small town and was raised on my family farm along with my brother and my sister. I have been raised in the Christian faith since I was born, but I would say that my turning point in my faith was when I moved away from that family farm when I was 10 years old. We moved to an adorable mountain town, smaller than the head of a pin. Here is where my faith has really blossomed. We were blessed with an amazing and inspiring pastor that really encouraged my faith. He really made my faith an exciting aspect of my life, not a dull and boring dusty thing that sat in the corner until I needed it each Sunday. My faith only continues to grow now.

Fun Facts:

  • I love photography! Right now I’m settling with taking pictures with a camera phone or a cheap digital camera, but one day I want to buy a “fancy” camera as I call it.
  • I love all things vintage- lace, antique vanities, books, cars… if it’s vintage, I’m in.
  • I am a Junior in high school, and I have a love/hate relationship with it.
  • Interior design is another of my favorites. When I get my own house, I hope that it looks like something Jo from Fixer Upper would design.
  • I love snuggling down with a nice book- my favorites include: The Bible, The “Little House” books, “Anne of Green Gables”, and “Little Women”. Right now I’m reading Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. I love it so far.
  • I have two siblings (a brother and a sister) and we’re all two years apart. I’m the middle kid, but I don’t really fit any of those ‘forgotten’ middle child descriptions.
  • I love wearing rain boots, even when it’s 80 degrees without a cloud in the sky. I think it stems from my childlike nature. Haha! 🙂
  • I ♥ Calligraphy… I’m getting better at it! I think.
  • I love Classical music, Jazz, Disney, Christian, Opera, and Christmas! Yes, I’m one of those sillies that can listen to Christmas music all year round. I start officially watching Christmas movies in October too.
  • I smile all the time, practically 24 hours a day. I put smiley faces in my writing to make sure that people know that I am trying to be smiley and nice. I smile when there’s nothing to smile about. That’s just how I’ve always been. In fact I’m smiling right now. 🙂 (See! There’s one of those smileys!)

So, that’s me! Any questions about me or my faith? Please comment away!

God’s Blessings!



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello, I’m Julie! I happened to find your old blog, which led me to your new blog- how exciting for you! I love the new layout and your blogging purpose! Consider me a follower!
    Your new friend Julie.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Laura, I just realized you said you’re a middle child! Well, I am too, but out of 7 not 3. 🙂 I actually do fit in that ‘forgotten middle child’ description a bit, but only because there are 7 of us. And it’s not all the time, so I’m thankful. 😊
    The funny thing about music for me is that I really listen to almost every kind of music out there 😄 (Well, excluding the REALLY hard stuff…I’ve never really liked that. And music with inappropriate or worthless lyrics). It’s just that I listen to CCM, Christmas, Instrumental/Classical, and 80’s a bit more than others. 🙂
    I love love love photography as well!! Sadly, I don’t have a really nice camera for it. The best camera in the house that I use is an iPhone 6. But until I can get a real nice camera, I’m using that one. 😊
    Ok there’s a little more about me! Sorry, I honestly get really carried away sometimes. 😬😉

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    1. 7 siblings! You are so lucky. I always have wished that our family was bigger, but I love the ones I have. 🙂
      How could anyone forget about you? 🙂
      Yeah, I don’t like loud rocky music with the bad lyrics either. 80s! I love oldies too! 🙂
      Yeah, I don’t have a phone (I’m probably the only 17 year old in the US without one.. haha 🙂 ) but I use my mom’s when I can because her camera has great quality. We both love photography, cycling, reading, writing, spending time with our family, eating tiramisu, we listen to the same types of music, and we’re both middle children? We’re practically best friend twins. 🙂
      And you’re not getting carried away… I love reading every word of every single comment and getting to learn more about you! 🙂
      ♥♥♥ Laura

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