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I’m Going to Take a Break

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. I just got back from Spring Break, and I didn’t write a single word. And let me tell you… it was simply freeing. I know I promised a few posts, but I think that I’ll hold off on writing and posting those for a bit.

I just want to say how much of a blessing blogging has been thus far. I’ve gotten to connect with so many other people through this blog and read different testimonies and little bits of godly inspiration whenever I logged on. I love and am so thankful to God for these blessings and for you, my faithful reader.

I know this is a bit cryptic and I wish I could find the words to explain, but truth be told I don’t really understand it myself. I feel extremely selfish for making this decision, and I sincerely hope that you forgive me. I hope to be back again soon, perhaps in the summer, or whenever I can find the words. This blogging hiatus has absolutely nothing to do with a lack of faith. I’m just human, I suppose. 🙂

I hope to keep up with each of my fellow blogger’s blogs, but I just didn’t feel that it was right to do so without so much as a reason as to why I haven’t posted, actually posted, in a while.

I’ll continue to pray for all of you and the daily struggles you may face.

God’s Blessings!!!

Love, love, love,




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