30 Days of Thankfulness

Day 14: 30 Days of Thankfulness

Ahhh, words. They completely make up nearly every idea that we share. I love how words form together to create meaning. I love how different languages have words that can’t be translated into others. I love words. I mean, there’s a reasons why language classes have always been my favorite classes! 🙂

Today I want to share with you twenty-five of my most favorite words, from different languages that I love and that I am thankful for. Because I mean, how else am I supposed to describe that sunset in French? Or that flower in Spanish? Or have a day when I just speak fancy English words? Or talk about your faith in God? 🙂

  1. Jesus
  2. swell
  3. faith
  4. pluvieux
  5. glitter
  6. Sangre de Cristo
  7. elegant
  8. fabulous
  9. lovely
  10. cascabel
  11. fetching
  12. Emmanuel
  13. edelweiss
  14. scrumptious
  15. delightful
  16. la vie en rose
  17. rosy
  18. fleur
  19. sonreir
  20.  grace
  21.  peace
  22.  Christ
  23.  Heaven
  24.  darling
  25.  mountain

So there you have it. Some of my favorite twenty-five, probably most used words both on a daily basis or in my language classes. 🙂



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