30 Days of Thankfulness

Day 10: 30 Days of Thankfulness

I love going outside and listening to the sounds of birds chirping, geese honking, or a breeze stuck between the buildings. Hearing is a wonderful thing. There are so many people that are hard of hearing or are deaf. I cannot imagine not being able to hear even the sound of the clacking of the keys as I type this, much less other beautiful sounds like music or laughter. 

I also love going outside and gazing at the mountains covered with a fresh layer of snow or looking at the smiling faces of my family members. I can’t imagine not being able to see the lovely things that God has given us to see. To not be able to share knowing glances with my sister would be odd. I remember reading in “By the Shores of Silver Lakes”, when Laura described how strange it was to look into the eyes of her newly-blinded sister, Mary, and know that that didn’t see her looking back. Sight allows us so many opportunities, which I am thankful for. 

There’s nothing better than coming home from school and smelling the scent of some delicious treat my mother has baking in the oven (especially if it’s cherry-bars!). Smell is powerful and can bring back so many memories. The scent of pink erasers reminds me of school, like it will actually, for a quick instant, place me into a room at school. I am so thankful that I can smell rain, baked goods, perfume, flowers, and every other delightful thing that has ever entered my nose. 

Can you imagine smelling those delicious cherry bars that I described before, pop one into your mouth, and not taste it at all? I’ve heard that taste is directly correlated to smell, so without taste, what is smell? And without smell, what is taste? I am so thankful that I am able to both smell and taste the foods around me. I cannot imagine not having either of those senses. 

Think of your favorite fabric texture. Is it soft? Smooth? Bumpy? Rough and scratchy? Well, imagine not being able to feel it. Imagine trying to cuddle up in a nice warm blanket and not being able to sense it. I can’t even imagine. One would be completely numb all over, wouldn’t they? I suppose it would be as if you just had your mouth numbed after a trip to the dentist, but all over. I am so thankful that I am able to feel every texture and fabric and have complete sensory. 

I am thankful for my five senses. Everything I do depends on each one of them, working together. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to even lack one. 

Prayers for Brussels

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2 thoughts on “Day 10: 30 Days of Thankfulness

  1. I love the way you explained everything. I have an uncle who is both deaf and mute, so it has often caused me to imagine life without being able to hear…as well as see, feel, taste, and smell!! I am truly grateful for all of my five senses. 😌 Thank you for the reminder! ☺️

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    1. Yes, I just spent last Sunday with my grandpa and he can’t really hear even with a hearing aid. I realized that while I might have my senses now, someday in the future that could be taken away, just as any blessing could. So I am thankful for them today and everyday that I have them. 🙂
      ♥♥♥ Laura


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