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Wildfires in Western and Southern CO

Hey, everyone! I have a prayer request to ask of you. As some of you might know, early this morning a grass fire started in Colorado. Now, it has just been announced that yet another fire has started in Southern Colorado. There’s been several terrible and damaging fires this year, and these two are just as terrible.

The firefighters have had a rough season and need some prayers. Also, there are several towns being evacuated (that were just evacuated in the last fire!) and these people could use some extra prayers as well. It has been confirmed that one home had been destroyed. With the winds we’ve had in the past few days the fires are spreading faster than ever. So far they’ve burned more than 13,000 acres. The fire is not headed towards my town, (it’s heading in the opposite direction) but nonetheless, it’s pretty scary to think of the horror of wildfires when you see huge smoke plumes outside of you window.

These are difficult times for everyone. I know that the firefighters would especially appreciate you putting them in your thoughts and prayers in the following days as they work to extinguish the fires. They need all of the prayers they can get.

Thanks so much and God’s Blessings.

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