30 Days of Thankfulness

30 Days of Thankfulness

So you’ve probably seen this before on social media. Everyday in November someone posts something that they’re thankful for, in preparation for Thanksgiving. It’s a bit cliche, I know, I know, but I kind of want to fill this blog with reasons to be thankful. 🙂 So, starting tomorrow, and up until December 1st, I… Continue reading 30 Days of Thankfulness

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Why I Celebrate Halloween

Let me start off by saying that every year since I was a little, little thing, I’ve celebrated Halloween. I started out by dressing as a little pink bunny, a pumpkin, a fairy, then a butterfly, and a princess, Dorothy from the “Wizard of Oz”, a cowgirl, another princess, and a prairie girl (which I’ve… Continue reading Why I Celebrate Halloween

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Wildfires in Western and Southern CO

Hey, everyone! I have a prayer request to ask of you. As some of you might know, early this morning a grass fire started in Colorado. Now, it has just been announced that yet another fire has started in Southern Colorado. There’s been several terrible and damaging fires this year, and these two are just as terrible.… Continue reading Wildfires in Western and Southern CO


When You Don’t Feel Guilty About Your Sins

One day awhile back ago I did something that fills me with shame. I tarnished the trust between me and one of my teachers, and the worst part is that she didn’t even know that I had done so. She continued to trust me even though I knew that I did not deserve it. Right now… Continue reading When You Don’t Feel Guilty About Your Sins


Are You Really That Busy?

Thus far, Junior year has been a pain in the neck. (But, it’s also been pretty great :)) From taking notes that require three hours minimum time to understanding the ‘wonderful’ world of radians in Trig- PreCalculus, life has been pretty hectic since school has gotten back in session. By the end of the day,… Continue reading Are You Really That Busy?


I’m So Glad That I Live in a World Where There are Octobers

Do you ever suddenly become filled with immense happiness when the world looks the way it does? Yesterday I popped outside in my rain boots and held out my arms as I soaked in the warm sunshine and let the breeze tousle my already-messy hair. Something welled up in me. Perhaps it was the realization… Continue reading I’m So Glad That I Live in a World Where There are Octobers

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Bring Your Bible to School

Tomorrow is Bring your Bible to School! I encourage all of you to bring your Bible to school or work and share the Good News! 🙂 If you’d like some more information on Focus on the Family’s Bring Your Bible, please visit the following link. I hope that you’ll join me and thousands of other… Continue reading Bring Your Bible to School