Monday Miracles

A Little Slice of Autumn Miracles

Ahh, Autumn. Doesn’t that just make you want to curl up in a fluffy blanket (preferably flannel or some sort of fall-inspired texture) and sit in front of a fireplace while drinking vanilla bean tea? Doesn’t it make you feel so alive to be surrounded by swirling leaves caught on a chilly breeze? Doesn’t it give you a little sense of coziness to see the oranges, browns, and yellows? Don’t you love the fluffy socks, soups, autumn leaves, and crisp breezes that enter our lives?

If you can’t tell, I’m a little partial to autumn. Truth be told, I become a little partial to every season that we’re about to enter, so right now I’m a little partial to autumn.

This morning as our red van pulled into the school parking lot I glanced up at the beautiful mountains that loomed before me. These are my few moments to remember that there are bigger things than anything that I might encounter than day. These mountains remind me each morning that no matter what, the guy that pieced these enormous rocks together is watching out for me and that He’s in charge- big or small matters.

Every morning I glance at those beauties, but today they looked different. Their usual blue-purple hues that would loom out in a sun-bathed blue sky didn’t look so blue or sun-bathed today.

Today, they were patched. They were still blue, no doubt. But, now they have orange patches on them. They sky was cloudy and gray. A little breeze whipped around us. Right then I knew, fall was officially here.

Technically, yes, I know that it isn’t officially fall until September 22nd, but in my state it’s fall when the mountains change colors and it gets a chilly breeze.

Fall is oh-so lovely, though, even if it does remind me that the carefree, open-window, barefoot days of summer are behind me yet again. I just become awestruck at the sight of the rosy-hues sunsets and the leaves changing colors and the snow that dapples the mountains. Everything reminds me of God.

Season changes are truly my favorite for this reason. Never do I notice to works of God more than when the seasons change. Perhaps, that’s what God had in mind. Perhaps he wants us to have a little reminder that He does things even while we aren’t paying attention. Maybe He wants us to remember that He does miraculous things. I don’t know about you, but that makes me love season changes more than ever before.

Today, I encourage you to look for the little miracles of a season change. Now, some of you are still in the heat of summer, but I want you to look for little miracles that you see around you in nature today. Maybe, it will remind you just how big God is. 🙂

Loveliest of Mondays to you and yours. 🙂


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