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My Top 10 Favorite Christian Songs

  • “Well Done” Moriah Peters

     Favorite Lyric: I’ll run, I’ll run. I’m gonna run this race, To hear You say well done”

I ♥ this song! It is absolutely positively my favorite song. It is such a beautiful reminder as to what is really important: serving God, and being able to hear ‘Well Done’ by Him when we face the pearly gates.

  • “Long Black Train” Josh Turner

     Favorite Lyrics: “‘Cause there’s victory in the Lord I say, Victory in the Lord. Cling to the Father and his Holy name, And don’t go riding on that long black train”

I was raised on a steady diet of oldies, country, and church hymns. While I don’t have any oldies on this list, you will see that my country roots shine through with Josh Turner. He’s country, but is more associated with Christian values rather than what country has come to represent. This is the song that brought him onto the scene, as they say, and if you listen to it you will see why. 🙂

  • “Oceans” Hillsong United

     Favorite Lyric: “So I will call upon Your name, And keep my eyes above the waves, When oceans rise My soul will rest in Your embrace. For I am Yours and You are mine.”


    I actually have not listened to much by Hillsong United, but I have heard this one. It is so calming and it feels me with peace everytime I listen to it. It’s quite a long song (nine minutes to be exact), but personally I think that it’s worth a few minutes of your day.
  • “10,ooo Reasons” Matt Redman

     Favorite Lyric: “You’re rich in love
    And You’re slow to anger
    Your name is great
    And Your heart is kind
    For all Your goodness
    I will keep on singing
    Ten thousand reasons
    For my heart to find”


    This was the first song that I ever heard by Matt Redman at a Joyce Meyer’s concert. My family and I loved his songs and we bought about four of his CD’s that night. 🙂 We’re fans for life now.

  • “Me and God” Josh Turner

     Favorite Lyric: “There ain’t nothing that can’t be done
    By me and God
    Ain’t nobody gonna come in between me and God
    One day we’ll live together
    Where the angels trod
    Me and God”

Another Josh Turner, but it’s one of my favorite’s of his. I love the relationship that Josh Turner describes in this song. It’s a relationship that we should all strive to have with God.

  • “I Choose Jesus” Moriah Peters

 Favorite Lyric: “He chose to love me
When I felt unloveable
he chose to reach me
When I felt unreachable
He carried me out
Of my fear an doubt
How I want the world to know
I choose Jesus”


This song speaks for itself… 🙂

  • “Lift High the Cross”

     Favorite Lyric: “Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim, Till all the world adore His sacred Name.” 

I sang this song on the day of my Confirmation as I carried the cross into the church at the start of the service, so it has special meaning to me. It has always been another of my favorite hymns as well.

  • “Holy is the Lord God Almighty” Chris Tomlin

     Favorite Lyric: “Holy is the Lord God Almighty
    The earth is filled with His glory
    Holy is the Lord God Almighty
    The earth is filled with His glory
    The earth is filled with His glory”

This song really stands out in my mind as it was one of the songs that I distinctly remember hearing when we moved to our new church. After growing up in a church that only played traditional church hymns, this song brought a new genre of Christian music into my life.

  • “Revelation Song”

     Favorite Lyrics: “Filled with wonder awestruck wonder
    At the mention of Your name, Jesus Your name is power, breath and living water, Such a marvelous mystery”

As I said before, this is another song that was played at my new church. I couldn’t list one without the other because I enjoy them both so much. They are both so soft, calming, and beautiful. They both bring up sweet memories of when I first moved, both to a new town and church.

  • “What is this Bread?”

    Favorite Lyric: “What is this Bread?”

    I just LOVE singing this song at church! It’s just one of those songs that I’ve been singing since I was itsy-bitsy. 🙂 This is one of those traditional church hymns that I was talking about.

So there you have it! A little glimpse into my Christian music world. 🙂 I’d love to hear some of your favorites below in the comments.

Until next time! Have a lovely week/weekend!


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