I Am Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Until Wednesday)

Without a doubt, my absolute favorite movie musical is The Sound of Music. I love that movie to pieces. It literally has everything that I love… God, family, all things vintage, adorable costumes, Austria, World War II history, and catchy tunes. I love everything! The Sound of Music makes me smile fondly and creates the desire to go traipsing through a field of Edelweiss singing “The Sound of Music”. Nothing could ever put a damper on this movie… until I did myself. I made myself sick just thinking about it.

What could possibly change my perspective on my favorite Rogers and Hammerstein? I am about to turn seventeen, that’s what. If you haven’t seen the movie, you are probably rather confused. Watch this, and then you’ll see why turning seventeen was a pretty big deal to me.

No, no. It’s not because of the mushy gushy romance. It was the fact tha I would no longer be able to truthfully sing “Sixteen Going On Seventeen”.

That’s right. I became utterly hung up on the idea that I would no longer be sixteen and therefore I could no longer truthfully sing this song. I thought that somehow being sixteen made me more like we Liesl, so when I turned seventeen nothing else would matter. When I turned seventeen, I wouldn’t be able to relate to the movie at all, and there would be absolutely no reason to like being seventeen.

Sounds crazy, huh?

It is.

Up until now, I spent quite a bit of time unnecessarily worrying over something that couldn’t be stopped. My turning seventeen was a big huge crisis! I’m not supposed to be worried about getting older now!

I realized however that I lost sight of what is truly important. I wax worrying rather than joyfully enjoying my days.

Worrying is like starting out with a ball of yarn. The yarn is neatly wrapped up ready to be used. Uh-oh! The ball drops to the floor, unraveling everywhere!  Frantically, the mass is picked up and crumpled into your hands where suddenly a knot begins to form. Even with the carefulest of hands, the knot continues to grow and grow into a hopeless mess.

The point is, all worrying and fretting does is create a bigger knot than what you start out with, usually over something as trivial as what I was worrying about.

Worrying makes you lose sight of what’s important now.

You lose sight of God. You forget that He’s in control and that He has plans for you. You forget the other 360 some days where things didn’t go wrong, days that you didn’t worry about, that turned out just fine! You forget that sitting around a table with your family, eating cake and opening presents is more memorable than wishing that you could be sixteen forever.

Worrying makes you forget the good things.

On Wednesday,  I will turn seventeen. I will no longer be able to sing “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” truthfully. I will no longer be Sweet Sixteen. But, that’s okay.

Sixteen was a good year. Sixteen was filled to the brim with happy, lovely, God-given moments that I will cherish forever. Sixteen allowed me to truthfully sing one of my favorite songs. And Sixteen grew closer to God more than ever before. But, sixteen is not gone! It is simply piled beneath seventeen, and sits utop fifteen. That’s all. Sixteen is literally just a number.

So here’s to a new number, seventeen. A number that I pray  will continue to Grow in Christ One Day at a Time, recognizing what’s truly important in life.


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2 thoughts on “I Am Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Until Wednesday)

    1. Hello, Jenna Joyanna! (I love your name, by the way!)
      Thanks for popping in. 🙂 And thank you for taking time to comment! How silly we humans get over such trivial matters! It is rather exciting to know that we get a whole year to learn and grow before we get older, though. Think of all of the experiences and opportunities to grow in Him! 🙂
      Thanks for commenting, dear!
      ♥♥♥ Laura


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