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We’re not Immune From Difficulties

As Christians, sometimes it can seem like our lives should be perfect. I mean, we’ve got God above us handing us anything that our hearts desire. And, we can basically run around doing anything we like ’cause we got a guy, Jesus, who’s just going to forgive us anyway, right? Yep, us Christians got it… Continue reading We’re not Immune From Difficulties

Monday Miracles

A Little Slice of Autumn Miracles

Ahh, Autumn. Doesn’t that just make you want to curl up in a fluffy blanket (preferably flannel or some sort of fall-inspired texture) and sit in front of a fireplace while drinking vanilla bean tea? Doesn’t it make you feel so alive to be surrounded by swirling leaves caught on a chilly breeze? Doesn’t it… Continue reading A Little Slice of Autumn Miracles

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My Top 10 Favorite Christian Songs

“Well Done” Moriah Peters  Favorite Lyric: “I’ll run, I’ll run. I’m gonna run this race, To hear You say well done” I ♥ this song! It is absolutely positively my favorite song. It is such a beautiful reminder as to what is really important: serving God, and being able to hear ‘Well Done’ by Him when we face the… Continue reading My Top 10 Favorite Christian Songs


I Am Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Until Wednesday)

Without a doubt, my absolute favorite movie musical is The Sound of Music. I love that movie to pieces. It literally has everything that I love… God, family, all things vintage, adorable costumes, Austria, World War II history, and catchy tunes. I love everything! The Sound of Music makes me smile fondly and creates the desire to go… Continue reading I Am Sixteen Going On Seventeen (Until Wednesday)