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Going for the Gold

You know what is miraculous to me? The fact that we grow and change everyday. I am not the person I was a year ago, maybe not even 6 months ago. I may not look much different, but I know that inside, I am.

Change is inevitable. Life changes daily, constantly, and quickly. People can change just as much as life itself, both physically and mentally.

Take Olympic athletes. They are amazingly talented, but do you think that 4 years ago they were ready to compete in Rio? No. They needed time to train and work for that Gold, Silver, or Bronze. They had to completely transform themselves, both physically and mentally.

I especially like the athletes that you can just tell that they’re a different person than they were 4 or more years ago. I like to see good change. When you’re an Olympian, you don’t have much of a choice but to improve yourself, unless you don’t want that medal.

We should live the same way as Christians. We should strive to change ourselves from year to year, for the better. We should be able to tell that we’ve been changed through Christ. Each day should be a new day to train and challenge yourself to grow in Him.

If you strive to do that you’ll notice that you are a changed ‘athlete’.  And that is miraculous.

Want to know How to Grow in Him? Here’s a List of Some Ideas.

  • {Read your Bible}  I used to never ever read my Bible. I thought that I had a pretty good grasp of the Bible from church and Sunday School alone. Yeah, no. That wasn’t the case. A year ago I started reading the Bible, really reading it. It has definitely helped me grow in Him. Just jump into the Word and it really makes a difference!


  • {Have a Daily Devotionals} Every day I sit down, pick up a devotional book and read a bit of daily inspiration. I love being able to receive another source of God’s truths in quick little tidbits. I recommend Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer, which is a yearly devotional book. I also would recommend anything by Rick Warren. (If you have a phone or tablet, I recommend downloading the Bible App (it’s free!). I use it everyday to read my Bible or devotions, and there are so many different plans to choose from.)


  • {Pray} The more I pray, the more peace that I feel. Nothing compares to the feeling I get while praying. Try to set at least ten minutes a day to pray. Sometimes when I’m stumped to pray, I pray  ‘The Five Finger Prayer’,which I learned when I was younger. You are basically praying through your hand. It helps me to keep on track.

Here’s how it goes:

Palm: This is the center of your hand. God is the center of your life. Start by praying to Him. Confess your sins. Ask for forgiveness. Thank Him for what you have. Praise Him for who He is. Basically, just acknowledge Him.

Thumb: Pray for those closest to you: friends, family, or peers.

Pointer Finger: Pray for those who guide you: teachers, pastors, doctors, nurses, mentors, etc.

Middle Finger (tallest): Pray for those who lead us, the government. There’s an upcoming election… pray for that.

Ring Finger (weakest): Pray for those that are weak, sick, hungry, troubled, without a home etc. We all know someone who is struggling. Pray for them here.

Pinkie: Pray for you and your own needs.

  • {Set a Goal} Olympians have a goal, right? They want to be the best athlete. Set a goal personal to you. Maybe you want to strive to be the best Christian you can be? Or a more specific goal, like praying daily. Set a godly goal and stick to it.


  • {Focus on the Reward} At the end of every race, there is a prize. For us as Christians, at the end of our lives our prize is eternity. Keep that in mind if you get weary or troubled.

Change is a miracle. You will be rewarded if you make the right changes. But remember, you can only get that medal if you push yourself. Without a little training there is no way you can reach your goal.

So, good luck to everyone competing, both at the Olympics and your race as a Christian! Go, team!

Happy Monday!




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