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“At most, you will live one hundred years on Earth. You will spend forever in eternity.”

Rick Warren

One hundred years seems like a rather long time to live on Earth, does it not? Most people live to their seventies or eighties. Few people can make it to their nineties and past one hundred. We look on these people as  very old. They almost seem ancient. Obviously, they are not, but measured by human Earth years these elders might as well as be an artifact in the Smithsonian.

I hear people in their thiries complain that they feel old. For goodness sakes, I even complained that I felt old and I’m sixteen!

Our Earth years may seem long, but there is a length of time that is much much longer.

How long is eternity? 100 thousand years? 100 million years? 100 billion years?  Not even close. Eternity goes on for forever. There isn’t a number to even describe how long eternity is, it’s that long.

Life on Earth doesn’t seem so long now!

I once saw a video demonstration of eternity by Francis Chan, a pastor. I really recommend watching it for yourself but let me give you the run down.

Mr. Chan had a long, white rope, longer than the stage that he was standing on. Just imagine that the rope never ends. The rope just looks like an ordinary rope you could find at your local hardware store. At least it does until he moves his hand. At the very end of one side of he rope is an inch or two of red rope. It’s an extremely short distance compared to what is looming across the stage. The red part is supposed to represent our time on Earth, while the white represents eternity. You can truly visualize just how short our time on Earth is.

Our time on Earth is important. Many question me why God even bothered to put us here, and it is to spread His good news. We don’t have many days to do this, but the days that we do have should be spent improving our character and living for God. Nothing else will matter when we leave Earth. Only the things that we did to glorify God will truly matter in the grand scheme of eternity.

Spend your precious, limited time wisely. Forgive those who you have trouble forgiving. Help those who can’t help themselves. Spread the Word that eternity, is well, eternal. Spread godliness in the world and leave a legacy to others, so that they too may spend eternity with God.

What you do now determines how you will spend your eternity, so choose wisely, friends. Now is your only chance to invest your time. When you face God at the end of your life will you be able to face God, knowing that you served Him and lived out His commands? Or will you cower your head in shame. Do not live for now. Do not live to make yourself comfortable now. Live for the eternity. Live for that white part of the rope because eternity is a long, long, long time. You want to spend that eternal life in Heaven, right?

Prayers for Brussels

If you are interested in watching the video by Francis Chan, click here.



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