Let’s Play Catch-Up

Hey there, Laura here!

It is officially a new month-August… the Sunday of months. (Like the last day/month before the weekend/summer vacation ends!) August is not a favorite of mine, to say the least.

I totally just realized that in seventeen days, I will officially be a high school JUNIOR.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I started this blog as a newly graduated Freshman… and now I’m a Junior?

Oh. My. Goodness.

Tell me that I am not the only one who feels old? I mean sixteen going on seventeen isn’t exactly old, but I still feel like it is. The fact that I just realized that now I cannot apply the ‘Sixteen Going On Seventeen’ song (from The Sound of Music) to my life in a month just made it worse. How have I gotten so grown up?

Anyway, since it is the first of the month, I thought that I would catch up with you all, like I said I would in January but haven’t since then. Oops!

So back in December I made a resolution to grow closer to God this year. (You can read more about that Here). I haven’t exactly kept updated on how that’s going, but better late than never, right?

So, here are the ways that I have grown and changed through God this year… so far!


Biggest change! I changed blogging interfaces from Blogger to WordPress back in June and I love it! In fact, tomorrow will be two months since I’ve made the switch. My old blog is still up and running, but all new posts have been posted here since the switch in June.

I have written 64 posts this year alone, including this one. I wrote 32 of those since school ended… I can’t believe that! I mean this is coming from the girl who only wrote six posts last year (starting in May)! I am super excited to continue posting in the future!

I turned one! No, not me! The blog! May 29th, 2016 was my blogiversary. I’m so glad to be able to share with you inspiration and pray that God will continue to let me do so. I hope that I’ve improved over the year and hope that I will continue to improve so that I may touch as many people as possible. 🙂

I started and am currently working on my first blogging series about comparing yourself to others. I currently have written four parts and am planning on posting part five very soon. Stay tuned!

I have thirteen amazing followers-thank you! You are the reason why God has called me to write this blog! And if you aren’t a follower, thank you for reading! I pray that I am inspiring you to grow in Christ, one day at a time!

I wrote my first guest post over at Morning Glory Pursuing Jesus! It was so fun to see my work featured on another blog. I am excited to post over there again, and Anna (who runs Morning Glory) has mentioned posting here as well! Stay tuned for that!

As a result…

I recently added a guest posting section on God Never Fades, so if you are interested in having your writing featured here, go ahead and click Here.

I started ‘Monday Miracles’ and ‘Thursday Thoughts’. Technically, since it is Monday today I should be writing about a miracle that I witnessed this week, but instead I chose to write an overdue update. Sorry I’m so wishy-washy with Mondays! But! Thursdays have been strictly for responding to quotes or videos that inspire me in a godly way, like I originally intended!

Heavens to Betsy! I guess that there were a lot more blogging changes than I had originally thought!


I have really been reading my Bible. I actually started last June in Genesis, but right now I am in Ezekiel! I’ve read 26 chapters in a year or so, so I am very happy with that progress. In January I was in 1 Samuel, so I’ve made a 17 chapter jump since then! I hope to finish the whole Bible by the end of the year, but as long as I read it everyday I will be satisfied.

And yes. I am super excited to say that I have been reading my Bible almost everyday. It was a bit iffy at times with school going on but now that’s summer I have had a nice time strengthening that.

Girl Defined ministries has really opened my eyes this year. I’ve talked a lot about them this year in my blog because they really have helped me in my walk with God. They have completely changed my perspective on how to live a godly life this day in age. Between their new book, webinars, vlogs, and blog posts, Girl Defined has a ton of helpful resources,  and I thank God for bringing them into my life. My heart has really softened to being a God-defined girl and I feel that I have really learned more about my purpose as a girl.

Here comes some big news!

If you have read some of my earlier blog posts, you might remember that I really struggled with my purpose in life, especially career-wise. I struggled  (and sometimes I still do struggle) with wanting success over wanting to be a godly girl. Recently, I feel as if God has answered my prayers as to what He wants to do with my life.

Instead of seeking fame and fortune and success…


I desire to  go down the path of ministry.


My heart is racing and I can’t stop smiling. I know that ministry is what God has called me to do. I am beyond ecstatic! I just can’t stop smiling as I write this.

For the first time in forever, I finally feel as though I have been led to a calling that will not only bring me satisfaction, but will bring glory to God!

I am so happy to share this with you guys! I’ve been waiting for a few months, probably since June, but this seemed like the best way to break it to ya’ll. (I’m not even Southern, but lately I’ve been saying that more and more…)

This is a big step for me to admit that I want to not only dedicate my life to God, but my career as well. I’m excited to see where God leads me.

By the way, I have a post planned for this Wednesday talking all about this topic. You’ll really get to see another side of me that I’ve never discussed much before in any of my other posts!

Also Me-Wise news, I’ve really been working on serving others. I’m starting small at home, and I have noticed a change in me. I’d like to say that I am less selfish, but I know that I have a long ways to go yet!


My brother is going off to college! When I look at that sentence it looks as if it is excited. I am really excited for my brother, but also slightly, okay, super devastated. Like I said, I feel really old.

School starts on the 18th. So. Many. Mixed. Emotions. About. This.

My sister and I have finally fixed our bikes and are currently on a biking kick.

We’re all growing up. So. Fast. Like, baby sister is fifteen. Where is our childhood going?

Related Note: Don’t be so crazed about growing up and seeing the next stage of life. God will bring it when He wants to. Enjoy where you are right now. You won’t regret that.

(Note to Self: Take a picture of every lovely moment God gives me so that I won’t forget to cherish it.)


I recommend getting the Bible App, if you can. I read my Bible here and mostly all of my devotionals. At the moment, I have a Joyce Meyer’s Yearly devotional, a short 10-day devotional by Rick Warren, a slightly longer 30-day devotional called ‘Refined’ that I am really enjoying, and a prayer plan that gives me an audio prayer every day of the month.

Read Girl Defined : God’s Radical Design for Beauty, Femininity, and Identity by Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird. Or go to their blog. Better yet, do both! Click here to be directed to the Girl Defined blog. Bethany just put up a post on Corrie ten Boom that I loved!

Hop on over to Morning Glory Pursuing Jesus!  Anna just put up a new post about makeup that I totally recommend! Click here to read!

Wow. Okay. This is officially the longest post that I have ever written. Sorry for the lack of updates. Hopefully this will teach me to get better at doing these. And, I am once again sorry for the lack of Monday Miracles this week. Maybe next time. 🙂

Thanks for listening to me. This was super fun for me to write. I guess that I hadn’t realized how much has changed in seven months, but now I know!

Have a love, love, lovely week. May the Lord bless you and keep you, let His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you. May He lift His countenance upon you and give you peace. 🙂

Happy Monday!





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