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Remember This

This post is for the following people, the people who need a reminder today of something bigger than themselves. Something bigger than their current situation. Something bigger than anything that they know. This post is for you. For those who are feeling overwhelmed… For those who are feeling depressed… For those who are angry…. For those who are… Continue reading Remember This

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Glitz, Glam, Fame, and Fortune Aren’t Enough

Recently I read an article about Michael Phelps, an Olympic swimmer. Michael Phelps isn’t any ordinary swimmer. He is considered one of the greatest athletes in the world, and he’s got records, fame, and Olympic medals to prove it. He’s a household name. He’s got twenty-some Olympic medals. He’s got a little family of his own.… Continue reading Glitz, Glam, Fame, and Fortune Aren’t Enough

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I Apologize

Hello! I’m so sorry that I missed Thursday Thoughts yesterday! I started school yesterday and my brother left for college, so I haven’t had much time to prepare anything. I have a few unfinished posts that I hope to post soon, but for now I might take a quick break after all of these days… Continue reading I Apologize

Monday Miracles


She had dark and snapping-quick eyes. Her equally dark and truncated tresses were tightly pulled back into a bun sitting low on the back of her head. She was rather short and petite. Her white name tag hung upon her dark gray uniform, reading ‘Joelle’ in dark, capital letters. The font of the letters seemed… Continue reading Joelle

Thursday Thoughts · Worry

God’s Got This

“Worry indicates that we don’t quite trust that God is big enough, powerful enough, or loving enough to take care of what’s happening in our lives.”  Francis Chan Truth be told, I worry a lot. I’m worrying about school starting again, I’m worried about the uncertainty of the future, I’m worried that I’m not good… Continue reading God’s Got This


Stopping the Comparison Cycle

Welcome!! This is Part 5 of my blogging series, “The Comparison Series!” If you happened to miss Part 1 click here, if you missed Part 2 click here, if you missed Part 3, click here, and if you missed my most recent addition, Part 4, click here. 🙂 Now, let’s get started. Comparing has never left… Continue reading Stopping the Comparison Cycle

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Going for the Gold

You know what is miraculous to me? The fact that we grow and change everyday. I am not the person I was a year ago, maybe not even 6 months ago. I may not look much different, but I know that inside, I am. Change is inevitable. Life changes daily, constantly, and quickly. People can… Continue reading Going for the Gold