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Why Comparisons Don’t Leave You Satisfied

Welcome!! This is Part 4 of my blogging series, “The Comparison Series!” If you happened to miss Part 1 click here, if you missed Part 2 click here, and if you missed my most recent, Part 3, click here. ☺ Now, let’s get started.

If you are anything like me you have compared yourself to others countless times. Yet, time after time we continue to compare again and again, even if it makes us absolutely melancholy! You think that we would learn!

If we know how comparisons affect us, then why do we keep comparing?

It’s actually pretty simple! You might recall from my last few posts that I said that comparison is a direct result of being our own idols? Well, it’s the same reasoning here.

We continue to compare because we are still the obsessions of our hearts.

It’s like when someone is addicted to something. Say you are addicted to chocolate. Your best friend can pry the bar from your fingers and lock it up and throw away the key, and then reassure you that you don’t need it, but you are still going to want the chocolate!

The craving doesn’t end there.

The same goes for comparisons. You can be told over and over that your self worth is not based on others and their perceptions of you. Or, perhaps you have to be told over and over again that you look pretty. But, even if you are reassured once again, do you ever believe it? Not really.

You continue to crave more and more acceptance. And when you don’t receive it, guess who the unhappy camper is? You.

Your self worth is not found within yourself!

Your beauty, intelligence, skill, clothes, and ideas cannot ever satisfy you. Someone is always going to be prettier, smarter, have a better job, have better clothes, and will be more inventive than you! When you are always seeking to find happiness in such things, such worldly,  self-absorbed things, you are never going to find true happiness.

You cannot find happiness in an idol. Think of the times in the Bible when people had idols. They prayed to them, asked them for advice, and leaned on them when times got tough. They depended on these wooden slabs to save them and to bring them true satisfaction. They left God for these carvings and refused to give them up. And when the going got tough? Did their tough idols help the Israelites through those troubling times?  No! Of course not! A wooden block cannot save us, just as comparisons cannot bring us joy.

It just doesn’t work. You cannot find true contentment in anything other than God.

How many times have you gotten new clothes, technology, toys, decorations, books, or anything new that is, and you just love love love it? You cannot put it down or go minutes without thinking about it? You are totally and utterly consumed by it. You can’t help but think that it completes your life. Then, all of the sudden something else begins to consume your attention and that new thing that you were obsessing over no longer crosses your mind.

I cannot even count how many times this has happened to me!

Each time this happened, I was depending on things of the world to bring me happiness. In reality, only God gives lasting happiness!

Nothing else besides God even matters. We know that too. Deep inside of us, we have a longing that can only be filled by God. Not ourselves. Not other people. Nothing except for God.

Do not seek to be happy with the world or things in it. It results in nothing but more aching and heartbreak. Instead, seek Him. Only He can bring the results that you long for.

Join me next time as I discuss how to combat the desire to compare!



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