Monday Miracles

The Miracle of Uniqueness

I love life. There is life inside of you and me. We have each lived a uniquely God-designed life. Isn’t that amazing?  Each of us have our own amazing stories. God has asked each of us to walk different paths and weather different storms. It is just so amazing that God planned us so individually, specifically tailored to His plan.

It just leaves me awestruck when I think that God made me and my life for a perfect reason.

Everyone is vastly different. Think of how we look. The mold is basically the same… two eyes, a nose, ears, cheeks, arms, legs, toes, fingers, knees, and a mouth. One would think that there weren’t too many ways to make these basic parts and pieces look different, yet we all do!

We are structured similarly, but we all look so different. We all have life, yet we all live it differently.

We are all miracles ourselves. I can’t help but be overcome with wonder and amazement just thinking about God’s power to create us all so uniquely, yet love us all the same.

There are many moments within my life that I am not proud to have lived, moments that I wish I could erase. I’m sure that you too have similar experiences. But, it’s these experiences that make us uniquely God’s own children.

We all sin differently too, yet God doesn’t base us on own sins. No. He loves us all the same!

I love that.

I love that we were all created purposefully different, yet we all have the same love and forgiveness from our Savior.

I love being so different from you, but receiving the same love. Our differences can separate us, but I love that we are all connected through His love.

Why can we not look at each other and see a beautiful, lovely, unique creature that God purposefully designed? Why do we look at each other with hate? Why do we not look at each other with understanding that we are each unique? Why don’t we accept our God-given differences? Why can’t we accept that we are all loved by God?

We are all miraculously different… let’s live that way. Living life uniquely, following God’s commands, and loving each other. Let’s accept each other as God’s miracles, because we are.

Have a blessed Monday. Never forget that you are God’s design. No one can belittle that.



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