God's Plan · Monday Miracles

Maybe There’s a Reason

Howdy ya’ll!

Okay, yes, that was weird, but I am so tired of my standard greeting, “Hi, everyone” or “Hi everybody!” So, it is what it is.

Besides, something in me seems to love the South!

Today, the miracle that I witnessed was the miracle of God’s timing. And boy, nothing like the day I had today explains it better.

So, here goes.

Anyway,  today was a super bad day for my family. It was one of those days that starts out pretty good,  until DISASTER strikes. And that’s exactly what happened today.

Long story short…

We had to go to the DMV so that my brother could do his driver’s test! I was super excited for him because I just knew that he was going to pass! After waiting for what seemed like hours, it was finally time to take his test.

The grouchy lady behind the desk waved him over, *totally* glad to be the one testing him! Not!

We waited eagerly, each completely positive that he was going to pass. I felt so bad that I hadn’t baked a cake to celebrate when we got home!

But, no celebration was to be had.

I remember the look of anger on that lady’s face, and the look of devastation on my brothers as they reemerged from the car after about 5 minutes. He hadn’t passed.

I tried to reassure him that it was okay, but to no avail.

The car ride home was extremely silent.

The whole time I couldn’t help but think, ‘Maybe there’s a reason’.

Maybe there’s a reason that my brother didn’t pass.

Maybe there’s a reason the test ended so quickly.

Maybe there’s a reason God gave me the silence to think on the way home.

Maybe God was trying to protect him from something. Maybe God was giving me the opportunity to tell others that everything happens for a reason.

God’s got our life planned out, upside down, rightside up, and inside out. He’s got plans for you and me. He has made these plans for a reason.While it might take us years to figure out just what His reasoning might be, we can trust that there is a very good reason behind it.

There’s a reason you didn’t get that job.

There’s a reason you struggled with loneliness today.

There’s a reason you are reading this right now.

God doesn’t lead you to dead ends. He leads you places that will cause ou to grow and be uncomfortable and maybe even miserable. But, in the end, He will be right there alongside you leading you where He wants you to go, places that will cause you to grow in Him.

So maybe the reason that my brother didn’t pass his test was because God wanted to show him that it is not as important as he thinks. Maybe God is wanting him to draw closer to Him, instead of driving. Maybe God is helping him grow his patience. Maybe, just maybe this day wasn’t as bad as it seemed. Maybe it was a day for God to grow in us. And that alone makes all of our struggles worthwhile.

I encourage you to read Ecclesiastes 3 : 1-8. “There is a right time for everything…”.

Instead of getting upset when things don’t go our way, thank God that he has everything planned to go in His perfect way.

Don’t worry. God’s got this.



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