Thursday Thoughts

Your Greatest Hurt

“Your greatest ministry will most likely come out of your greatest hurt.” Rick Warren This quote really touched something deep inside of me. Here on God Never Fades I have really tried to be open about things that have caused me pain, and how God helped me through them. There are so many stories of hurt that… Continue reading Your Greatest Hurt

Comparison · The Comparison Blog Series

Why Comparisons Don’t Leave You Satisfied

Welcome!! This is Part 4 of my blogging series, “The Comparison Series!” If you happened to miss Part 1 click here, if you missed Part 2 click here, and if you missed my most recent, Part 3, click here. Now, let’s get started. If you are anything like me you have compared yourself to others… Continue reading Why Comparisons Don’t Leave You Satisfied

Monday Miracles

The Miracle of Uniqueness

I love life. There is life inside of you and me. We have each lived a uniquely God-designed life. Isn’t that amazing?  Each of us have our own amazing stories. God has asked each of us to walk different paths and weather different storms. It is just so amazing that God planned us so individually,… Continue reading The Miracle of Uniqueness

Seeking God

The Best Part of My Worst Day

Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life-no joke. There were tears, yelling, spiders, dirt and dust, boxes, and trash bags, and the piles of these things were taller than my 5’6″ frame (well, maybe not the spiders, but I digress). It was absolutely miserable and even when my head hit the pillow… Continue reading The Best Part of My Worst Day

Contentment · Thursday Thoughts

How to Be Content

Happy Thursday! It’s time for yet another ‘Thursday Thoughts’ post! Is it just me, or do the days keep flying by? I feel like I just wrote a post, and now it’s time again! I suppose it’s true… time flies when you’re having fun! I am having fun! It’s been a lovely summer and I’ll… Continue reading How to Be Content

God's Plan · Monday Miracles

Maybe There’s a Reason

Howdy ya’ll! Okay, yes, that was weird, but I am so tired of my standard greeting, “Hi, everyone” or “Hi everybody!” So, it is what it is. Besides, something in me seems to love the South! … Today, the miracle that I witnessed was the miracle of God’s timing. And boy, nothing like the day I had today… Continue reading Maybe There’s a Reason

Thursday Thoughts

For the Love of God

“A spiritually mature woman will be the first to do what is right even if nobody else is doing so. We live for God and not for man. We live to please the Lord and not people.” Joyce Meyer, ‘The Confident Woman’ God should come first in your life. You can tell if He is… Continue reading For the Love of God