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How to NOT Enjoy Life

“The more you compare your life to those around you, the less you’ll enjoy the life God has given you.” 

Joyce Meyer


You don’t often come across someone who wants to have a bad day. No. Most people want enjoyment out of life. You don’t ever hear someone wake up and say, “Man, today I want to have a bad day. I want everything to go wrong and I just want to be in an awful mood.”

Nobody wants to have a bad day! Nobody wants everything to go wrong for themselves! And nobody intentionally wants to be in a bad mood!

So why do we steal our own enjoyment from ourselves? Why do we accept unhappiness? How do we escape the trap of grumpiness?

These are a few of the questions that I hope to answer in the forthcoming weeks as I start my first series of blog posts, “The Comparison Series”.

Today we will be discussing how to NOT have a good day. There are many ways not to have a good day. Life can be unpredictable. But sometimes, there are ways that we aren’t allowing ourselves to have a good day that start within ourselves.

Our mind controls everything; thoughts, words, and actions. How we interact with other people and the world depends entirely on our mind.

If we have our mind set on our godly purpose, it is much easier to have a good day. But, if we have our mind set on every terrible tragedy that has ever crossed our path then our attitude will reflect that.

Our mind is directly correlated to our thoughts, words, and actions!

When we allow bad thoughts to enter our mind, we are allowing for everything to have a domino effect. We see that Rachel got a new job while browsing around on Facebook. Then, we start thinking. “Ugh, she looks so successful now!” or “I’ll never be as good as her!”.

Then it starts up with our words: “I wish I was like Rachel.” “If I were like Rachel,  life would be better.”

Which leads to tirelessly trying to be Rachel instead of living the life God has given you to live.

Comparing is a slippery slope. We are setting ourselves up for unfulfillment and dissatisfaction. We need to teach ourselves to live for God, not to live life like our neighbors.

So, continue to join me over the next few weeks as I explore comparisons and living out a godly life.

(Look out in the next few weeks for more installments in the series. There won’t be a set date when I post, but I will definitely not post the series on Mondays or Thursdays as I am already posting “Monday Miracles” and “Thursday Thoughts” on those days.)

Have a lovely June, and an even lovlier July! ♥



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