Monday Miracles · Serving Others · Spreading Love

Hands That Serve Christ

Hello, everyone! It’s our first official ‘Monday Miracles’!

One miracle that especially stood out to me this week was one that we ue everyday. We totally take these miracles for granted, though. Sometimes it seems as if they aren’t even there.

Whether large or small, rough or smooth, clean or dirty, these are pretty miraculous.

Have you guessed what they are yet?

They are your Hands!

Hands are incredible. Take a moment to put down your phone, tablet, or remove your hand from the keys of your desktop or laptop computer and examine your hands.

They can flex and bend and twist. Did you know that there are 27 bones in your hand alone as well as 17 muscles!

Our hands are little miracle indeed!

Think of all the things that these hands can do, whether it be picking up heavy boxes, penning a leter to a loved one, or holding the hand of your little sibling. Our hands are dirtied each day by life, but they continue to step up to the tasks we put them through.

God formed these hands ofyours when you were just a wee one in your momma’s tummy, and has continued to grow them up strong ever since!

God gave you these lovely hands to serve Him and to serve others. While these miracles are attached to your body, they are not truly yours! They belong to a life of service.

Find a way to use your hands to serve today!

Here are some ideas just in case you are stuck!  ☺

  • Help your parents/grandparents/spouse with the laundry.
  • Humble yourself…clean a room that you normally don’t, or one that is a disaster.
  • Read a book to someone.
  • Bake some treats and give them to someone who is lonely.
  • Read your Bible.
  • Wave hello to people you don’t (and do!) know.
  • Offer to take someone’s cart back up to the store or cart rack.
  • Pray. (Remember to thank God for your hands)

These are only a few ways to use those hands! I challenge you to find ways this week to serve others and God with your hands!


I’d love to chat with you!
  • How do you use your hands to serve God?
  • What other miracles have you witnessed this week?

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