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Spreading My Mission Even Further

Hi, everyone! I am so excited! I have some big news to share (what’s up with all the news this month, Laura?)!

For a few months now I have been praying and searching for the right time and place for this to happen, and I think that I have found it.

This is a big, huge step in my blogging career (if you can call it that ☺) and I feel that this is going to help spread my mission  even further!

Are you ready?


DRUMROLL PLEASE! (Just kidding).


I have officially written my very first GUEST POST! 


That is huge, GIGANTIC news!

I prayed about it for a while, and I found the absolute perfect place to guest write… a lovely devotional blog called, Morning Glory”!

How perfectly charming is that name!? “Morning Glory” is a blog devoted “to encouraging girls to pursue Jesus with their whole hearts and to use their single years to grow in God’s grace.” I highly encourage you to head on over to Anna’s blog. You won’t be disappointed!

I am beyond excited to be featured on “Morning Glory” and pray that God will show me other new ways to share His word! This is just the absolute best news because guess what? I will be showing even more people that God NEVER fades. That is my purpose. Not to get more followers. Not to become famous. My purpose is to lead more people to our everlasting Creator. That is what excites me. ☺

Now in case you were wondering…

Here’s a Screenshot of the post!

Screenshot (20).png

You may recognize the post. I wrote it a little while back ago, and now even more eyes can see it!

In case you did miss my post, “Success < Love”, here’s a little excerpt. To read the rest, either head on over to “Morning Glory” or right here on God Never Fades!

As I stood upon the little green-blue stage of the multi-purpose room of my school and accepted my awards for this school year, I blushed and halfheartedly accepted them. I glanced around nervously at the sea of students, each individually successful in their own way. Successful. I stumbled over that word.

Even though I received many awards tonight, I don’t know if I would consider myself…successful. Grades are great, sure. I just felt though, that the definition of success seemed a bit…wrong.

God, thank you ever so much for the opportunity to further spread your unfading love! I pray that you will inspire and instill in the hearts that read my post! Most of all, I pray that no matter what I do in my life,  I do it to serve and honor you!




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