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Prayer for Orlando

Two days ago, tragic struck yet again, this time in Orlando, Florida.

All I can do is pray.



Our wonderful, faithful Creator. Our hearts are heavy with grief at the newest tragedy. Fill us with your presence. Calm our hearts and minds.

Bring peace to the families of those who were killed. Settle deep into their hearts and fill the void that can only be filled by you. Let them not be angry. Fill them with a loving forgiveness that will allow them to move on, stronger than before.

God, we are selfish, angry, and stubborn humans, who do not deserve your forgiveness. We humans hurt each other and break your commands. We need your forgiveness. We need your guidance. We need your love. Lead us in these times of trouble. Give us peace and justice over our enemies. Protect us from future attacks.

With you we are NOT alone. With you, we have hope. With you, our lives have the promise of a better tomorrow. With you we have wisdom and guidance. With you, we have all things good and perfect. In you, we have eternal life.

God, give us faith during these trying times. Give us faith within our daily struggles. Give us strength to go on.

God, you are unfading and loyal. We need not worry about anything. Instead, we will pray. We will praise you when things are difficult, because with you we have hope for tomorrow.

In your perfect and wonderful name,




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