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“Girl Defined” Book Review


Recently I read “Girl Defined: God’s Radical Design for Beauty, Femininity, and Identity” by sisters Bethany and Kristen, and I felt that I should share my thoughts!

Do you want to know what God’s purpose is for girls? Do you want to know how you can fulfill this purpose? Do you want to know what God deems to be successful? Do you want to step away from society’s ideal definition for a girl? Do you want to live for a greater purpose?

If yes, then “Girl Defined” is the book for you!

“Girl Defined” was a book in which I felt like my big sisters were sharing their wisdom with me. Kristen and Bethany are godly girls that make you excited to be a godly girl!

The book covers topics such as: God’s design for womanhood, culture’s version of womanhood, counterfeit feminity, gender, beauty, love, purpose, success, purity, living for Christ, and legacy. This book is jam packed full of answers to any questions you may have as a girl, for girls of all ages, married and unmarried.

Kristen and Bethany understand what it means to be a God-defined girl, and aren’t afraid to give the biblical truths on subjects of womanhood, even if society deems them to be ‘weird’ or ‘radical’. They challenge us to be God-defined girls, living for Christ, rather than culture-defined girls living for the next rush of satisfaction.

This book doesn’t have an ending. I mean it does, but not the traditional ‘The End! Now move on to the next thing!’ No! They challenge us to live out the biblical ideas that they explain in their book. This book is impactful and meaningful and one that will surely leave a legacy on my heart and on my life as a Christian girl.

Honestly, I am so excited about this book and fulfilling God’s purpose, that I stayed up to past midnight to finish reading the book and posting about it! This coming from the girl who usually goes to bed ‘with the chickens’, as they say!

Trust me when I say that this book will leave you passionate for God. I feel that I have grown even closer to Him than ever before. Now that is exciting!

Here is the blurb from the book:

In a culture where airbrushed models and ultra-driven career women define beauty and success, it’s no wonder we have a distorted view of femininity. Girl Defined offers a distinctly God-centered view of beauty, femininity, and self-worth. Based firmly in God’s design for our lives, this book invites us on a liberating journey toward a radically better vision for femininity–one that ends with the kind of hope, purpose, and fulfillment we’ve been yearning for.

I hope that if you do choose to pick up this book that you too will find extreme inspiration in it! After all, living for God should be our most inspiring passion!

“Therefore,  we are ambassadors for Christ, God making His appeal through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God.”

2 Corinthians 5:20


Photo Source: Baker Books (publisher)

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