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How to NOT Enjoy Life

“The more you compare your life to those around you, the less you’ll enjoy the life God has given you.”  Joyce Meyer You don’t often come across someone who wants to have a bad day. No. Most people want enjoyment out of life. You don’t ever hear someone wake up and say, “Man, today I… Continue reading How to NOT Enjoy Life

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Hands That Serve Christ

Hello, everyone! It’s our first official ‘Monday Miracles’! One miracle that especially stood out to me this week was one that we ue everyday. We totally take these miracles for granted, though. Sometimes it seems as if they aren’t even there. Whether large or small, rough or smooth, clean or dirty, these are pretty miraculous.… Continue reading Hands That Serve Christ

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7 Day Prayer Challenge

Hello, everyone! Today I want to share a post with you that is NOT mine… it’s from Girl Defined. If you don’t know Girl Defined ministries, please check them out! They are amazing, so inspiring, and really encourage you to follow God’s path for you. They recently wrote a book, which I reviewed a little… Continue reading 7 Day Prayer Challenge

Thursday Thoughts

Using the Guidebook that God Has Provided

“Just because our culture normalizes what’s wrong, doesn’t make it right.” -Girl Defined I love this quote. So much. Our society has deemed so many things that are wrong in God’s eyes, to be okay. Declaring that you disagree with such things as a Christian will just place you right into a pot of boiling… Continue reading Using the Guidebook that God Has Provided

Monday Miracles

Tiny Miracles

Did you know that we witness at least three miracles a day without even noticing them? Isn’t that shocking?  I rather believe so! Recall the last miracle that you witnessed. What made it miraculous? Was it a grand-scale miracle, or one almost hidden away? Did you recognize it as a miracle right away? Did it change… Continue reading Tiny Miracles

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Spreading My Mission Even Further

Hi, everyone! I am so excited! I have some big news to share (what’s up with all the news this month, Laura?)! For a few months now I have been praying and searching for the right time and place for this to happen, and I think that I have found it. This is a big,… Continue reading Spreading My Mission Even Further

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts

“The question is not what we intended ourselves to be, but what He intended us to be when He made us. He is the inventor, we are only the machine. He is the painter, we are only the picture.” C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity An excellent quote about purpose. We are not trying to be who we… Continue reading Thursday Thoughts