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God NEVER Fades ~ Again!

Well, everyone! It’s officially been one whole year since I started, “God Never Fades”! YAY!!!


I’d like to direct you to my first post: Click Here!
I am so so thankful for everyone who has read and continues to read my posts. You are the reason God wants me to blog. You are the people who I want to inspire to follow in God’s path. I thank God for you, and thank Him for allowing me such a fulfilling experience as I have gotten through blogging.
Never did I think one year ago that I would even be here, still blogging. Even though I haven’t many readers, the ones that I do have are the kindest people… I thank you!
This blog is so much more than me though, it is about God. I never want this blog to be about getting the largest following or to be the most jazzy blog out there… it is about leading people to our never-changing God.
If there is anything that I have learned over the year, it is that God knows the best path for you and He will NEVER fade nor leave you. There have been times when I did not follow in God’s word the best I could, or wanted to stay on His path like I should, but whenever I found my way back on track, it was oh-so much more fulfilling that when I was without Him.

God is always here for you. Remember that always as you go about your life.

Thank you again everyone. Most of all, I thank God for everything He has given me and continues to give me! Here’s to many more years of writing for God- my loyal and unfading God. ♥

God says, “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” Jeremiah 31:3

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