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St. Catherine’s Day

Happy, April! As the month draws to an end, I thought that I would reflect on some wise advice that I have heard from Catherine of Siena. (March 25th, 1347 – April 29th, 1380) I don’t know much about Catherine, but I did a bit of research about her. Here’s what I found: “Catherine ranks… Continue reading St. Catherine’s Day

Seeking God

The "Have to" List

Do you ever have something that you have to do? Like the kind of have to where your life will not be complete without it? For example: “I have to get a new dress for the dance!” Susie squealed.  What about the kind of have to that you maybe don’t like so much… like chores… Continue reading The "Have to" List

God's Plan · Purpose

Forcing a Puzzle Piece

A few weeks ago, my sister and I were piecing a puzzle together. It was a 400-piece jigsaw puzzle, so it was a bit challenging. Pieces fit into place, and others did not. Some were missing and there were gaps in the puzzle. But, when all of the pieces came together, they made a beautiful… Continue reading Forcing a Puzzle Piece

Serving Others

Selfless Servant

Once, I made a silly deal with my siblings.  I wanted something, a glass of water or a Pop Tart…something like that, I can’t remember! Anyway, my siblings wouldn’t budge. They didn’t want to get up off of the couch anymore than I did. The kitchen seemed so far away, and the couch was oh… Continue reading Selfless Servant