Easter Sunday!

Happy, happy Easter! Our Lord has risen- he has risen indeed! Hallelujah!

Today is a day to rejoice! Jesus has conquered sin and death! He has given us a connection with God that we could not of reached without him! Let’s take a moment to thank Jesus for his priceless gift!

What a perfect reminder of Jesus’ s unfading love. This blog, God Never Fades, is all about the lasting love of our Savior.  The sacrifices that Jesus gave up for you and I truly show just how much he really does love us!

Today we celebrte His unfailing love that has lasted for thousands of years. This is a love that isn’t new, but isn’t going anywhere. His love is here to stay.

There might be days after the Easter sweetness wears off and we forget just how great this love is. But who is always there thinking about us? Why the person who we are celebrating today, that’s who!

If you’re like me, you probably have cross jewelry. Look at it today. Examine its true meaning more than you have before. Understand its importance. Love its message. Remember the Savior who hung on that cross. Thank him! Love him! Praise him!

Our Savior suffers no more! He has resurrected! Rejoice!
“He has risen!” Matthew 28:6

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