Easter Sunday!

Happy, happy Easter! Our Lord has risen- he has risen indeed! Hallelujah! Today is a day to rejoice! Jesus has conquered sin and death! He has given us a connection with God that we could not of reached without him! Let’s take a moment to thank Jesus for his priceless gift! What a perfect reminder… Continue reading Easter Sunday!


Good Friday

Today,  two thousand years ago, at 3 o’ clock, Jesus breathed his last breath. It’s rather awe inspiring to think of. After hours of beatings, mockery, carrying and hanging on a cross, as well as wearing a crown of thorns, Jesus  said his last words: “It is finished.” Our King humbled himself one last time… Continue reading Good Friday


Maundy Thursday

Today is Maundy Thursday…today is the last celebration of our Lord Jesus before his Crucifixion. This evening was his last evening on earth as a human being. I can’t even imagine how he must of felt. Knowing that he was going to be betrayed by Judas, Peter would deny even knowing him, and the most… Continue reading Maundy Thursday

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Prayers for Brussels

I am shocked and in tears. I am in disbelief once again that human beings could cause each other so much pain. Anger boils up within me. Sadness simmers. I can’t decide which feeling I am. How could this happen again? A beautiful place like Brussels, encompassed in terror and hatred. How could they? Human… Continue reading Prayers for Brussels

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Taking a Bribe in Lieu of Your Beliefs

The other day at school, a boy asked me, “If I gave you five-hundred dollars, would you cuss?” Knowing my ethics and the person that they’ve known for the past six years, I’m sure that it did not surprise them when I said, “No.” A few of my classmates stood around and gave their opinion:… Continue reading Taking a Bribe in Lieu of Your Beliefs


Springtime is Here!

Hello, all! It is officially Spring! Well, actually yesterday, March 20th (also Palm Sunday!) was the First Day of Spring. I didn’t want to take away from yesterday’s festivities and celebrations though, so here is my Spring post! I decided to compile some of my favorite- old and new- Bible Verses about Spring and new… Continue reading Springtime is Here!


Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday. One of my absolute favorite days in the church calendar. I love the singing, the swaying of the palm branches, and the celebration. It is a bittersweet celebration, knowing that in just a few, short days Jesus will have suffered the Crucifixion. Palm Sunday is the celebration of Jesus entering Jerusalem for the… Continue reading Palm Sunday