Valentine’s Day

If you’ve been ambushed with articles online, in magazines, newspapers, cards, and the aisles of candy at the grocery store, then you probably know that today is Valentine’s Day. I’ve never really been a Valentine’s Day kind of girl. I’ve never dated anyone and I’ve only ever gotten candy and flowers from my family. The decorations are cute and all, but honestly Valentine’s Day hasn’t meant much to me.

Valentine’s Day is just one of those days. The kind where you are expected to be showered with love and adoration from admirers and family members, not to mention the other gifts that come along with it. It may be cliche for me to say so, but Valentine’s Day has become so commercialized.

What happened to the sweet and innocent days of elementary school where we gave each other little cards in our homemade boxes, covered in glitter, red hearts, and candies? Is it just me, or has Valentine’s Day… changed over the years? Has growing older made it become more pressured?

More pressured to be dating someone? More pressured to dress us in a pretty dress and let someone shower me with extravagant gifts? More pressure to do what society thinks we should do?

Valentine’s Day just doesn’t seem to be a day of love. Call me cynical, but you have to agree with me. I mean, what even is love anymore? The word is totally overused. What does it even mean to love someone in this day in age? Here’s a definition for you:

Basically, love is just another word until you’ve found someone who gives it meaning. “But, Laura. I don’t have someone who gives love meaning.” You might say. Think again.

You always have Jesus.

You can celebrate Valentine’s Day as a day of ACTUAL love: God’s love for us.
I realized that it can mean more than CANDY, FLOWERS, CARDS, and DATING. If you push past the candy and the flowers there is meaning. And here it is:

     For God so LoVed the World,
thAt He gave his
thaT whosoever
iN Him shall not perish,
but havE eternal life.

John 3:16

That is true love. If you don’t have someone to go out with, give cards, candy, and flowers to, do not fret! You have the love of God, a love that is meaningful and lasts.
So, spread the true meaning of love with your family and friends. By all means, eat the chocolate, read the cards, and smell the roses, but NEVER forget what love actually is: GOD.
In honor of Valentine’s Day, I have made a  Printables section on my blog. Check there for a little printable reminder of God’s love!
             Lot’s of LOVE to you and yours! 
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