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More than Just Looking Pretty

The other day I was in Biology class. We have been learning about meiosis for a week or so now. Now normally, Biology is NOT a class that I would complain about. I really like Biology and my teacher. It’s a class that I usually look forward to every morning, but something she said last… Continue reading More than Just Looking Pretty


Valentine’s Day

If you’ve been ambushed with articles online, in magazines, newspapers, cards, and the aisles of candy at the grocery store, then you probably know that today is Valentine’s Day. I’ve never really been a Valentine’s Day kind of girl. I’ve never dated anyone and I’ve only ever gotten candy and flowers from my family. The… Continue reading Valentine’s Day


The Wedding Plan

Weddings. The beautiful conjecture of two, man and woman, designed by God. The wedding itself is truly a symbol of two becoming one through God. I love the rings, the vows, the dress, and the fact that the girl has achieved my dream: getting married. As a Christian girl, I think that marriage is something… Continue reading The Wedding Plan

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Diving into Risky Territory

Drip. It starts out slowly, carefully, cautiously. “I’m okay… I can handle it.” you tell yourself. “Drop.” “I’m fine. I can do this by myself.” “Plunk!” “Ummm, I’m fine!” “SPLASH!” “Wait…how did I end up here?!” Does this conversation sound familiar to you- minus the sound effects, of course. Testing yourself. The fight within yourself… Continue reading Diving into Risky Territory

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Living a Countdown Life

I have this countdown going, two actually;  one for Spring Break and one for Summer Vacation. It’s a fun little thing I do to keep me optimistic about life, cause I mean how else could I keep going? ☺ “Only 16 weeks, 3 days, 4 hours, and 10 seconds until the last day of school!”… Continue reading Living a Countdown Life