Making Fun of The Cheerleaders

Today we had a Pep Rally at school… Let me just say this: I would rather have a root canal than go to a Peppy Pep Rally. Sitting for more than half of an hour in the gym, surrounded by loud and obnoxious kids, awkward games, and cheer-leading routines.

I despise every ounce of Pep Rallies. In fact, I even considered not going to school today, just to avoid going.

The cheer-leading routines especially makes me cringe. Don’t get me wrong, they are very talented, and never in a million years could I do what they do! Each of the cheerleaders is a very sweet girl. They proudly twist, tumble, and twirl in front of the entire high school. But, surely they hear it?
The whispers, giggles, crude remarks, and the downright mean names they are called? How could they not? Every Pep Rally these nasty words are spewed – and very loudly, might I add – all throughout the entire gymnasium. 
It’s a bit ironic, is it not? Cheerleaders are stereotyped as petty, gorgeous, and mean girls that flaunt their attitude everywhere they go. Trust me when I say that these girls wouldn’t hurt a fly. Like I said before, they are very sweet. Stereotyped cheerleaders rule the school. Again, these girls are not like that.
So what’s the issue? 
It’s actually not a matter of talent… but rather how they look.
All of the girls are beautiful because they are all made in God’s image (Genesis 1:27). Their kind and sweet attitude makes them even prettier. If you know any judgmental high schooler, then you will fully understand what I am about to tell you:
The boys started out by laughing at how their legs look… a few of the girls aren’t pencil thin. The boys have managed to develop their name calling skills over the past few Pep Rallies, going from “Fatty” to “Size One…Million!” and finally settling on “Jiggles.” 
It breaks my heart. I realize that people will always be mean to each other, but my goodness, here we are 13-18 years old and kids are already as mean as snakes? 
I look to Jesus. He was and is our biggest cheerleader. He is always there for us, guiding us through the twists and tumbles that we take in our daily lives. 
Jesus himself was not “socially acceptable.” He was seen as a threat, so people tore Him down and put Him on the cross. Jesus was made fun of and called names. He was torn down so that his enemies wouldn’t have to hear from Him again. Jesus could not be silenced, though. He rose again to save us from petty sins like the ones that I experienced at the Pep Rally today. He loves us no matter what. 
These cheerleaders proudly do what makes them happy, with a smile on their face. Regardless if others accept us, Jesus is always there for us, cheering us on with the loudest megaphone and the brightest smile. 
After all:

“If God is for us, then who could be against us?”

                                                          Romans 8:31

I  hope if you take anything away from this post, is to live knowing that God always approves of you. We should always aim to please him, because he is good and perfect, and is always cheering us on!


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