God NEVER Fades

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Look around you, all around you. Now, I want you to make note of what you see. Perhaps you are inside your house, and you see your grandmother’s precious antique vase. Maybe you’re outside, and you see a freshly planted garden, filled with flowers and other miracles. As the case may be, you’re at the park, and you happened to stumble upon this blog (Welcome!), and you see dogs, or children running and playing. I don’t know what you see, but what do you think of when you see these things? Memories? Beauty? Innocence? So what do these things all have in common? You could probably come up with a few things, but I see withering, corrosion, and fading. I do not see lasting qualities. Call me a Negative Nellie, but let me continue. I don’t hate antique vases, gardens, or parks, I have simply not put my hope into them. They do not last. Vases break. Gardens wither away. Children grow up and become adults, live their life and die. Nothing on earth will last. Did this blog post take a seriously negative turn for you? Me too! So let’s move on…

I said that nothing on earth will last, but there is one person that we can put our trust in, and that is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, true God and man. God will NEVER fade. Ever. The promises for love and protection and eternal life that he has given to us in the Bible will not be broken, and will not wither away. God is always there to guide us and see us through our troubles. Isaiah 40:8 says, “The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of Our God stands forever.” I don’t know about you, but I think that is truly amazing! Is it wrong to enjoy the things that God has given us? No, but you cannot let them become your hope and comfort.

Perhaps you’ve ever put your trust into someone here on earth. I know for me, it’s been my parents. When I was really little, my brother and sister and I would beg to go get some ice cream in the rare occasion we got to go into town. My parents would say we could, and we’d move on with our errands. By the end of the day, we all were pretty tired, but us kids hadn’t forgotten that promise for ice cream, but our parents had. We would be driving out of town, and quickly reminded them of their promise to go get ice cream. They’d shake it off and tell us we’d get ice cream another time. We were pretty devastated, but hey, what can you do? I still loved them just the same, but nonetheless, humans don’t always keep promises, even parents. But there is one parent, out Heavenly Father, that will always keep His lasting promises. And maybe, just maybe, in Heaven God will follow through on that promise for some yummy peppermint ice cream, but I digress! 🙂

I strayed off my point, but if there is one thing that I want you to take from this post, and my blog, is that GOD NEVER FADES. Unless we put our faith into Him, we will be broken. If we do put our faith in Him alone, we will have eternal life and eternal, lasting love that will NEVER fade. We will always have Him and we will always be able to say that He will follow through on his promises to us, and guide us through life, if we so choose to let Him.

The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the Word of God stands forever. Isaiah 40:8



2 thoughts on “God NEVER Fades

  1. I know this post is very old, but I just found out about your blog; it’s so inspiring, encouraging, and motivating!! Keep it up 🙂
    (And I love this post too, really encouraging)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you so much, TerraJewel! It seems like such a long time since I wrote it. I was a little baby Freshman back then… haha :). I like to go back every so often and reread my old posts to see where I could improve my newer posts, so I actually visit this one quite often. I’m so glad that it brought you inspiration- Isaiah 40:8 is a great reminder of our unfading God. It’s definitely a comfort to me when everything else seems to come crashing down because I know that God will always be right there through it all. 🙂
      Thanks again for reading and for visiting my blog! I’m so glad to have you here. 🙂 Have a great week!


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